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Element Inc.'s eKYC solution verifies government-issued documents in real time.
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Platform overview

Identity verification
Reliably ensure customers are who they claim to be with high performance biometrics and liveness detection.
Cross-channel authentication
Instantly secure transactions with intuitive security features.
eKYC / ID card verification
Verify government-issued documents in real time via licensed API's with regulatory databases, with optional integration with ID validation review systems.
Customizable workflow
Our customizable components lets you create the optimal journey that your users take to becoming trusted customers.
Element's selfie enrollment delivers fast, accurate, and seamless customer onboarding with our proprietary stack of advanced deep learning models.
auth-customizable Customizable
Our solution can be customized for customer thresholds and ease of use - including both passive and interactive implementations.
auth-ux User-friendly
Human-centric design ensures an easy-to-use UX, making account creation and authentication fast and frictionless.
auth-secure Secure + robust
Protects against presentation attacks by assessing image quality, textures, reflections, depth, distortions, and user attention.
State-of-the-art attention liveness anti-spoofing technology
More intuitive and frictionless than most selfie liveness products in the market.
Web API-based enrollment
The Web API can easily be integrated and be called from a host of web-based embedded financial services use cases, including:
approved-icon Mobile payments at checkout
approved-icon Buy now/pay later products
approved-icon P2P facilitated transactions
Customizable UI
Differentiate your platform and design your interface in a way that delivers the vision and inspiration of your brand.
GitHub Repository
Find tools and resources for Element's solutions. The GitHub repository contains guides for Face SDK, Card SDK, Cloud eKYC SDK, and many more.
eKYC model pipeline
Credentialed ID scan with OCR
Registrants enroll by scanning an official form of government-issued ID Card approved for the transaction type. Leverages OCR and additional technologies to reduce fraud and improve the customer experience.
Biometric enrollment
Enrollment of face modality to comply with eKYC regulations of identity validation with ID Card or Civil Registry. A unique user model that cannot be reverse-engineered is created, which can be used for future verifications.
Liveness detection
On-device liveness detection & anti-spoofing is critical to prevent fraud via presentation attacks and is often a regulatory requirement for eKYC as a replacement for in-person validation processes.
Advanced performance matching of live selfie with government-issued ID Card or Civil Registry. Match is issued a confidence score and can optionally be backed up with an additional layer of human validation.
The Element Inc. advantage
Our partners choose to work with us because we deliver faster access without compromise - securely connecting anyone to any service while retaining the right to privacy. Together, we're building a frictionless future.
Deep understanding of each country's need
Element Inc.'s international presence allows us to work closely with the requirements of the markets we serve. Our presence in New York, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Taipei lets us build strong, lasting partnerships in making identity solutions possible for everyone.
Mobile software for scale
Single software platform for digital onboarding, eKYC, and continuous authentication, built with the global state-of-the-art in mobile AI biometrics technology.
Universal by design
Element's state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms learn directly from natural features, adapt to changes in features over time, and integrate easily into most systems.
Portable & scalable
Our 2KB user model size is configurable for on-device or server-side processing to fit to customer requirements.
Secure & private
Element supports the identity life cycle without having to rely on PII or transactional data - providing users with abstracted identity models that cannot be reverse- engineered, and a native security architecture.
Platform agnostic
Goes everywhere your users are: Android, iOS, and Web compatible.

Success story

Access Bank increases financial inclusion in Nigeria and Africa

To expand its digital banking services in Nigeria and Africa, Access Bank partnered with Element Inc. to implement its eKYC, digital onboarding, and mobile security to the bank's flagship FacePay application for merchant and branch banking, the NextGen mobile application - Access More, and WhatsApp Banking.
"We are delighted to have executed these innovations in line with our vision and in partnership with a company that has demonstrated technical excellence and high performance in the execution of this project.”
Daniel Awe
Head of Africa Fintech Foundry (an initiative of Access Bank)
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