August 7, 2020

Element and Kumu Announce AI and Digital Identity Partnership to Power the Philippines #1 Live Streaming App and Social Commerce Community

Kumu, the Philippines leading live streaming app, connecting over 5 million users with over 47 million interactions per month across 50+ countries, and Element, the mobile AI company that has played a pioneering role in high performance, privacy-focused digital identity services, are partnering together to build a suite of AI and digital identity features for Kumu’s rapidly-scaling community, including enabling technology for transactions and security enhancements.

“For my co-founders and our team, Kumu is an opportunity to connect and empower Filipinos all over the world, in a space that’s inspiring, aspirational, safe, positive, accepting, and financially rewarding,” said Rexy Dorado, Co-founder and President of Kumu. “We have one of the world’s most engaged internet and social media demographics in the Philippines, based on independent market surveys.”

“Kumu fills a significant unmet demand for Filipino connection and social commerce, as we build greater bonds with each other and lift each other up, whether for a livestream moment, or across the many careers that have been built on our platform,” continued Mr. Dorado. “Our growth inspires us to double-down on our work to make Kumu the best possible experience for our community. This partnership with Element exemplifies our commitment to bringing the best technology to the forefront.”

“We’ve deeply admired what Kumu’s created across their product, platform and community, and watched their surge of growth and engagement in this unprecedented era with heartfelt applause – Kumu has become a fundamental part of daily life for so many,” said Adam Perold, Co-founder and CEO of Element.

“Amidst a time of isolation measures that have limited the traditional economic means of people across the Philippines and beyond, the Kumu community has thrived, with its digital coins and ecommerce engines providing a platform for Millennial and Gen Z members to earn up to six figures salaries, helping them support their families, build savings, and create an independent lifestyle.”

About Kumu

Kumu is a livestreaming app built for GenZ & Millennial Filipinos. Our Social TV, virtual gifts economy, and live commerce platform empowers thousands of Filipino content creators around the world. We have been downloaded in over 55 countries and have over 5 million registered users since launching in August 2018. Learn more at

About Element

As the world demands digital delivery of products and services, Element is delivering a persistent, private, and portable unique digital identity, designed with intention. Element, the first modern artificial intelligence company focused on digital identity, laid the foundations for deploying deep learning on mobile devices. Our universal solution learns directly from natural features, ensuring mobile identity for anyone, anywhere.

We partner with forward-thinking financial institutions, governments, and healthcare organizations to transform how they deliver their services. Our partners choose to work with us because we deliver faster access without compromise – securely connecting anyone to any service while retaining the right to privacy. Together, we’re building a frictionless future. Learn more at