Welcome and thank you for participating in this usability study!
At Element, we are continuously researching ways to put our users first. In this study, you will help us uncover issues and discover opportunities to improve our product’s user experience.
How do I start?
1. Download and install the Element Demo app on your Android mobile device
app icon google play icon
2. Open the app and enter the following PIN code:
3. Let's begin the study. Here is the scenario:
🏦 Open a new account
You are about to open a new bank account at Demo Bank. Follow the in-app instructions to verify your identity and create your account.
💸 Use the “Quick transfer” feature 2 times
Once your account is successfully created, you will see the “Quick transfer” button. Follow the instructions to authenticate and transfer money (don’t worry, this is just a simulation. You won’t actually transfer anything at this time). Please repeat this flow one more time.
🔁 Start over and repeat this process one more time
Tap “Open a new account” then “Continue” to start over the enrollment process. Please repeat your account creation and Quick transfer action one more time. By the end of this test, you should have done a grand total of two enrollments and four Quick transfer actions.
4. Please share your feedback
thank you
Thank you!
For any questions or additional feedback, please reach out to
Element UX Research